Sustainability Is the Mission

Conscious Music Means Conscious Clothing

From the mountains to the canyons to the sea, our outdoor adventures inspire the music, and the music inspires what we create. So much of our lives are directly rooted in the environment, so it is our mission to make sure we tread as lightly as possible and help to reduce our impact on this earth that provides us with so much adventure and inspiration.

At Land of Om Provisions, we're striving to utilize the most sustainable materials and production processes available to us. We pledge full transparency with everything we do, from letting you know which suppliers we use, what fabrics our clothing and accessories are made out of and what kinds of inks we're sourcing for screen printing. We're also not above calling ourselves out on any areas where we may come up short and are seeking better options (biodegradable CDs, anyone?)

As you might know, Land of Om Provisions started as an idea for my (Rob Riccardo) musical merch line. The first batch of t-shirts, which I sold at an album release show when Land of Om Provisions was still just an idea for a brand, included fast fashion t-shirts, featuring mostly standard synthetic fabrics (with one partially organic option) and not-so-eco-friendly inks.

With the natural world at the core of so many of my songs, as well as Ris and I spending most of our days dreaming about or partaking in epic outdoor adventures, it didn't feel right that we weren't doing everything we could to minimize the environmental impact of my merch.

We vowed to make the investment and do better. And so, Land of Om was born. Actually, it was conceived, I suppose. It took us about nine solid months to be officially ready for launch since first drumming up the idea in November 2017 for an environmentally conscious merch line that is really its own brand.

Our Suppliers

We're beyond happy that we took the time to do as much research as we could on the clothing industry. We sourced and sampled materials from several different eco-friendly suppliers and we picked our favorites. Then, we made sure the screen printing process also utilized the safest inks available.

Currently, all of our t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, made in the United States in a vertically integrated facility, and colored with vegetable dyes. Our tote bags are also made of 100% organic cotton, sourced from another great sustainable supplier, Econscious.

For inks, we've opted to use only water-based or formaldehyde-free discharge inks for screen printing our designs. Water-based is our favorite because it leaves behind virtually no feel on the shirt and is the most environmentally safe ink to use. We can and will use this water-based inks as long as the color of the design is darker than the fabric it is being printed on. Otherwise, formaldehyde-free discharge ink is the way to go (for printing lighter colors on darker fabrics).

To see our full list of suppliers and partners, visit our Suppliers page.

Where We Can Do Better

Still, there are a few products that are not on the same level as 100% organic cotton, namely our stickers and CDs. We currently have not found a great option for non-vinyl stickers that can still stand the weather and take a beating on your hydroflask or other canteen that you've likely slapped it on.

The same goes for CDs. Even in a digital-focused world, it's so interesting to see that CDs are still a top seller, which we stock due to the high request for them from music fans. Going forward, we're working with our CD supplier to bypass the plastic shrink wrap phase of production. If you receive a CD without any plastic wrapping, just know that that was on purpose and your CD was not tampered with.

What About Packaging?

If we've shipped you a shirt or tote bag, you've likely received a package commonly known as a poly mailer. The ones we use are unlike traditional mailers because they are recycled, recyclable AND reusable! We have sourced a great environmentally conscious package maker based in Colorado called Ecoenclose. This is the best option we were able to find and we are happy to have discovered this great supplier.

Remember, you can reuse your eco-friendly mailer if you ever need to ship something to a friend or return an item. There should be an unused additional adhesive strip on your package to close it up one more time. If for some reason it has been used, just seal it with tape if you can. Thanks for helping us reduce our imprint on the environment!

Also, our tags/labels are made with 100% recycled paper, and the string attached them to the clothing tags is made out of oil-free hemp, in case you were wondering.

Questions or Comments?

We pledge to keep you updated on our suppliers and maintain full transparency as we slowly and consciously grow our product offerings and learn more along the way. If there is anything you think we may have overlooked and you have insight on how we can be doing better, please send us an email at Thank you, Seekers!