About Us

Sustainable Clothing & Accessories for the Adventure of You.

Inspired by the music of Rob Riccardo

Land of Om Provisions was created by singer/songwriter Rob Riccardo and his wife, Marissa, in 2018. The idea and motivation behind creating an earth-conscious clothing line was born from Rob's initial batch of merch and what he learned from the process. After ordering several dozen t-shirts with lyric-based designs for an album release show, Rob and Marissa realized that selling anything but the most eco-friendly items to fans was not in line with their personal passion for the environment. And so the foundation for the brand was set -- environmentally friendly clothing with lyrically inspired designs. (Read all about Land of Om Provisions' sustainability pledge.)

The name itself stems from a lyric in Rob's song "Walking as One" and is also the name of his own record label (simply, Land of Om). Like the name, there are two foundational elements that brought Rob and his wife together, and continue to be a big part of their lives: the outdoors and yoga. These two elements inspire the music, drive their lifestyles and signify a place where high-energy mountain adventure meets zen.

Like the music, the intent behind Land of Om Provisions is to inspire Seekers out there to follow their path, or find it, and tread lightly yet freely upon it. This brand is about the journey. If Rob's music provides the soundtrack, we're here to provide the provisions.