Deep Connections - A series honoring the lands that inspire us.

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Deep Connections - A series honoring the lands that inspire us.

From the high peaks to the canyons, from the forests to the coast, our adventure-driven lifestyle has taken us to some of the most incredible places on earth. The environment has not only inspired my music, it has become the foundation of our brand's narrative and sustainability mission.

We've discovered an incredible energy within a lot of the places we've been to. You'll hear it in the songs, and you'll see the elements in our designs. Connecting deeply to the lands and waters of this planet gives us perspective, reminds us of what matters, and instills an inherent responsibility to protect that which provides life, adventure and powerful lessons for the soul.

Deep Connections is an ongoing series within our blog that will pay tribute to some of our personal favorite places and dig deeper into the stories and inspirations from the landscapes that shape us, the music, and the provisions. Some of the stories will be written by me, Rob Riccardo, and others will be written by my wife/adventure partner/other half of Land of Om, Marissa (Ris).

The title of this blog is very much derived from my song "Deep Connection" -- an ode to the sacred Hawaiian island of Molokai. The connections we've experienced before and after span across oceans and over mountain ranges. We hope you enjoy a look into the adventure of us.


Flagstaff, Arizona sunset

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