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When we decided to go all in on the earth-friendly approach, we knew only the basics and were aware of just a few options for materials and fabrics. The most notable was, of course, organic cotton, but we wondered if there was something better/cooler/more groundbreaking than the most obvious of the chemical-free plant-based fabrics. This is what our search yielded...

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The Canyon is always calling, and we're always ready to answer. As I write this, Ris and I are training to put in a solid Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim effort on the Kaibab. For all the times we've experienced Grand Canyon, we're sure this 42-mile jaunt will challenge us in new ways and teach us new lessons. It's just one of those places in our lives where we pause, look at each other, and say "we've been here before." Lifetimes before. It's good to be back every time.

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Deep Connections is an ongoing series within our blog that will pay tribute to some of our personal favorite places and dig deeper into the stories and inspirations from the landscapes that shape us, the music, and the provisions. Some of the stories will be written by me, Rob Riccardo, and others will be written by my wife/adventure partner/other half of Land of Om, Marissa (Ris).

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